An in-season floral guide

Flowers are a pretty crucial aspect to most weddings, and brides often want to have them everywhere and anywhere for that wow factor. Instead of importing your favourite flowers from overseas and adding thousands to your flower budget, rather be cash-savvy and choose flowers that are local and in-season to decorate your big day.

Here are some floral ideas by season:

Winter: Just because it’s the coldest time of the year, doesn’t mean your flowers have to be boring or limited. Go for red dogwood stems if you want a pop of colour, or nerine lilies and snowberries if you want something classic and white. Remember flowers are perishable, so opt for ones that will be sturdy enough to last throughout the day for whatever purpose they might need to serve. Flowers aren’t the only decor option in Winter; you can go for greenery, pinecones and seeded eucalyptus dotted around your venue to add to the Wintery feel of the day.

Spring: This is the season that we are treated to the brightest blooms of them all, so take advantage of that! Hydrangeas, orchids and tulips are some of our faves, as well as cherry blossoms or lilies of the valley. Whatever choice you make, be careful not to mix too many floral varieties together as this becomes overwhelming on the eye and will definitely start to clash.

Summer: The season of the sunflower, so go for these if you’re a fan! Long summer days and crisp clear skies make Summer weddings the go-to for so many couples. We love mixing herbs, lavender and summer fruits into arrangements for something quirky and unique. A top tip? Order a second identical bridal bouquet if you’re expecting extremely warm weather. This way you can guarantee your bouquet will look fresh for both the ceremony and the reception.

Fall: During this season, we get the fiery red, oranges and deep browns which create the most moody atmosphere. Go for dahlias or chrysanthemums if you want this look, or if you’ve been waiting on roses, this is the time to let them shine! We love roses because they can do well without water for a few hours, and they obviously come in such a variety of shades and shapes.

Top flower tip? Always store your bouquet in a place that is cool and dry, away from windows, warm hairdryers etc. Only take it out when it’s needed for photos and then for the ceremony; other than that, keep it safely stored away.

We hope these ideas and tips help you choose and prepare the florals for your special day!