Our Mission

Brides and Hairpins was founded around core values of investing in women empowerment, nurturing our community, and protecting our environment. Sustainability is not a trend; it is our lifestyle and everything we strive for. The mission extends to knowing that we can be part of something much bigger than ourselves. By understanding that everything is connected, Brides and Hairpins is on a mission to be kind and humane to the planet and its people. A sustainable product is not an easy goal to achieve, but that is what we set out to do; to bring you the cleanest and most beautiful handmade jewelry possible.

100% recycled

98% lower emission than mined metal


Upcycled from second hand or damaged jewelry

Low CO2

For the people and the planet



We aim to manufacture most of our products with recycled gold and silver. We can do this because we are a small business, and we can make choices and changes very quickly. We didn't start out this way. Our decision to use recycled metals was created because we believe in limiting the amount of new and raw materials sourcing in general. Recycled metals should be at the forefront of sustainability efforts in the jewelry industry. Traditional mining methods continue to be carbon-intensive and heavily polluting, and many communities have suffered the effects of forced or child labor and dangerous working conditions. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with sourcing, extracting, processing, and transporting raw materials are also far higher than recycling them.
We are also so thankful to work closely with all our product makers. We like to think of our supply chain as a close-knit family, and we are grateful that we have had the opportunity to grow, learn, and become more sustainable since we started in 2012.



Every fresh-water pearl, rhinestone and opal collected are post-consumer stones, then upcycled and incorporated into our designs. Post-consumer jewelry are pieces that were purchased from consumers and then sold back into the resale market.

Our choice to use post-consumer recycled fresh-water pearls, rhinestones and opals came from our strong belief in limiting the use of newly mined materials and promoting a circular economy.

Reducing, reusing and transforming materials has an important positive impact. It drastically minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and bypasses the negative environmental and social issues associated with sourcing, extracting, processing, transporting and cutting raw stones.



We have beautiful packaging, which has taken us a few years to fine-tune. Our packaging was created to be part of a keepsake. Our boxes, tissue paper, tags, strings, labels, and postcards are biodegradable, compostable, and eco-friendly. Our customers expect this, and the health of our planet demands this.

Each piece from our collection is designed, made, and then protected in a plastic polybag. This helps preserve the piece. In our studio, we purposefully recycle all our plastic materials and paper and reuse all our plastic polybags.

We always try to use less packaging where possible and avid mixed materials. Our team is committed to building a leading brand that focuses on doing our best for our environment. 



We are proud to offer fully recyclable packaging which includes everything from our jewelry display cards and cotton pouches to the brown corrugated boxes used to ship each product, to the label placed on the package as well as the tape used to seal each delivery. This makes it convenient for our customers too reuse or recycle the whole packaging.

Low Environmental Impact


We have partnered with CarbonFund to offset the negative environmental impact of all of our shipping, traveling, and transportation of our products. CarbonFund calculates how much emissions all these actions represent and in exchange we donate the related dollar amount, which in turn, they invest in carbon reduction projects such as renewable energy initiatives, reforestation, forest preservation & energy efficiency projects.