From corporate girl to makeup artist & hairstylist to lead designer and CEO. This journey has molded me to create a brand I LOVE and BELIEVE IN.

When I was 9 years old and living in South Africa, I started selling my paintings and artwork at my local flea market. When I was 18, I had saved up enough money to move to London. After studying a business degree and working in corporate banking for a few years, my creative energy was craving to come out.

After marrying my husband, Ben in 2009 I went from Investment Banking, to becoming a top Los Angeles based Makeup Artist & Hairstylist, to Wedding & Editorial Photographer to now the driven woman behind Brides & Hairpins.

After working in this fashion forward industry for nearly a decade, I am not just passionate about Brides & Hairpins and

the collection I designed, but knowing a simple headpiece or veil can make a woman feel special and beautiful, well ladies, this is why I do what I do.


We design all our headpieces in our Austin, Texas studio. We wanted to bring bridal and fashion together and a headpiece that's wearable for any special occasion. We have created a brand that's aware of the trends yet allowed us to have a relationship with our audience and know what they want.

Our collection is entirely hand made and we use only the finest metals, crystals and materials. Each headpiece and veil is packaged in our designer keepsake box. ALL women are beautiful and special and your headpiece is the cherry on top.