Bridal hair do's and dont's

Wedding hair is a pretty big deal for most brides, and there are ways to make the process even easier. Check out our top tips to make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to have everything you want and more for your wedding day hair!

  1. Firstly, ALWAYS do a hair trial. Even if your hair stylist charges for these, it's worth the money. This gives you an idea of how your hair will look on the day and gives your hair stylist the opportunity to work with your hair so he or she knows what to expect on the wedding day. Make sure you also check with your stylist about how your hair should be when you arrive: do they prefer to work with dirtier or cleaner hair? Make sure you follow their instructions for the best result.

  2. Don't leave changes to the end of the session. If a hair clip is sticking into your head, or you don't like the way the look is coming together, say something while your stylist is working so the necessary changes can be made. It's much easier to tweak something in the middle rather than once it's complete. This is also not unfair or rude; you need to be completely happy with how you look.

  3. Don't be afraid of some bling. This is your opportunity to do something daring and wear something beautiful in your hair. If you have a brooch that's sentimental to you, or a specific piece of lace that you love, your stylist will be able to incorporate it into your hairstyle to give it that extra edge.

  4. Consider the weather. If you're getting married in the middle of Summer, in a hot and humid climate, avoid wearing your hair down altogether. It will stick to the back of your neck and the style will melt by the end of the day. Rather opt for an updo that will be unaffected by the heat. If you're having a Winter wedding, wearing your hair down and full will also help to keep you warm.

These tips may seem very obvious, but sometimes the simplest things are forgotten when we have so many other things to think about. Make sure you feel well-equipped for any obstacles your hair might try throw at you in the lead up to your wedding day!