A bride is a vision on her wedding day. Not because of her make up, hair or fancy dress, but because of the love radiating through her and giving her the bridal glow.

If you’re stuck for portrait ideas for your big day, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Simple and sleek outside the chapel: If you’re going for a chapel wedding, take advantage of the beautiful architecture of the building and get a few shots with it in the background. The dramatic building details are a stark contrast against a simple white dress and fresh bouquet (below left).
  2. A splash of colour: Whether your dress has colour or not, if you know of a beautifully painted wall filled with bold colours or detailed artwork, use it for a few pictures! It’s a unique contrast that people aren’t used to, like the one below centre.
  3. The mirror shot: This works especially well if you’re getting married in an old-school home or manor house with a beautiful, full sized mirror. Even better if it’s got a bold frame, like the gold one below right. Strike a soft, feminine pose and allow the image to capture both sides of your dress and hair details.

4. Back detailing: This is a must if you’ve picked a dress with details on the back. Get an over the shoulder shot, like the one below left. This is even better if you’ve got a back tattoo that can also be shown off at the same time.

5. A close up veil shot: The veil doesn’t often get enough attention, so make sure you have at least a few up close detail shots before it gets taken off. Something like the one below right is perfect.

As a bride, you need to feel as beautiful as possible on your big day. Take advantage of your bridal glow and get the shots you want!