Hair pieces for your bridal party? We say yes!

Although our name is Brides and Hairpins, our hair pieces aren't solely for brides. Our combs, clips, headbands and halo's can be used for so many other occasions. We love how versatile they are! In this post, we'll be breaking down some ideas on how our hair pieces can work for your bridesmaids on the wedding day:

1. Firstly, our hair pins instantly add a touch of glam to anything your bridesmaids are wearing. If your bridesmaids dresses are long, or you've chosen a style that is detailed or intricate, then something simple in the hair will work best. This also applies if your bridesmaids are having statement lips or heels. The attention should be on the bride on the wedding day, so choose one thing to highlight about your bridesmaids and keep the rest simple. Our favorite minimal hair pin? The Leticia (below left). Conversely, if your bridesmaids dresses are short and simple, and their hair and make up is too, then you can opt for a more blingy and intricate hair piece to help them stand out on the wedding day. We love the Gianna comb for this (below centre). It's detailed enough to be noticeable, but not so much so that it detracts from the bride's accessories.

2. If you're a bride that's chosen to allow her bridesmaids to pick their own dresses, then hairpieces are a great way to tie all their looks together. Often when bridesmaids can pick their own dress within a certain color palette, they end up blending in with some of the other guests, and aren't noticeable on the big day. Picking one hair piece that works well with the chosen color palette and will work with each bridesmaids hairstyle and type of hair brings uniformity to the bridal party. We love something simple but unique like the Phoebe halo comb (below right) that works with hair up or down and is flattering for all hair colors and styles.

3. Hair pieces are also perfect for the bridal party on the wedding day if you're struggling to find something consistent and similar between you and your bridesmaids. For example, if one of your wedding colors is silver or there are silver accents throughout the day, it's a great idea to have silver hairpieces for your self and your bridesmaids. Something more bridal and impactful like the Daphne halo, paired with the Ariel halo (which has a similar, but more modest design).

4. And finally, hair pieces are a beautiful and extremely thoughtful gift to your bridesmaids on the wedding day. If your bridesmaid dresses and shoes are all exactly the same, it's really special to gift each bridesmaid with a different hair pin that suits their personalities. This is a great little surprise and thank-you from you to them on the big day, to show your gratitude for all their love and hard work. They can then have these little pins or combs included in their hairstyle on the wedding day, and wear them for years to come.

Now you know exactly how to make our hair pieces work for your special bridesmaids on your big day! The only tricky part? Deciding on a favorite!