Sometimes we’ve picked a bridal party but there are a few family members or close friends that you still want to include. It’s not just wearing a certain dress or suit that makes them feel important, it’s also considering them and adding special elements to your special day to make them feel valued and loved.

Here’s how:

  1. Set up a video conference for those who are far away: Sometimes important people are unable to attend your wedding because of distance, finances or health. Set up a video feed of your wedding day that allows those who are far away to watch, comment, laugh and enjoy your day from wherever they are. Ask a certain person to start and stop the recording, and to take the camera along to the reception where it can be set up with a view of almost everything going on.
  2. Give a corsage or boutonniere to a few special people: Maybe you couldn’t have all the groomsmen you wanted, or perhaps you have a very special Aunt or Grandparent that you want to recognise in some way. A corsage or boutonniere is a great way to do this, while still being small and affordable.
  3. The aisle walk: This is a very special part of the wedding ceremony, so think carefully about asking those you cherish most to be involved. Perhaps you’d like to break tradition and have your Father and Mother walk with you, or maybe you were raised by a grandparent or sibling and you’d like them to do the walk.
  4. Ask a friend to perform or host: If you’ve got a particularly funny cousin, or your niece has a beautiful voice, ask them to be master of ceremonies or sing your first dance song. It’s a huge honour for people, and a perfect way to increase involvement and the feeling of unity on your big day.
  5. Tree planting or sand ceremony: Two different vials of dirt or sand are combined into one. Consider this little gesture, especially if you and your partner are from different cultures, races or religions; it’s a special way to indicate a blended family.
  6. Gift the bride’s bouquet: Avoid the awkward ‘Who’s single?’ question and give your bouquet to a special lady in your life, or even to the couple who has been together the longest. A really unique way to honour commitment.

We absolutely love these clever, thoughtful ways to include those you cherish most in your big day. Who says they have to be parents or bridal party?