The new wedding hair trends: Halo combs versus headbands

The days of bridal flower crowns are coming to an end, and in their place, brides are opting for more delicate headpieces to add an extra touch of glam to their wedding day ensemble.
We still love the fresh flower trend for certain types of weddings, but halo combs and headbands are taking over, and we love it! They're versatile, easy and jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
Not sure how to navigate these new headpieces? We'll give you some tips that will hopefully help you decide which is best for you.


A halo comb is usually a smaller option if you're wanting to include some glam and bling on your wedding day, but you aren't wanting too much. Halo combs can vary in size too, according to your own personal preference or the type of hair you have. Brides with thicker hair can opt for a bigger or more adorned comb (like the Rhea below left), while brides with thinner hair can stick to something delicate (like the Cinzia below right) and still ensure it will be seen by guests.

Our top tip for halo combs? Make sure the comb has a hairstyle it can sit securely in. Upstyles, side ponies or plaits work best, but you can definitely make them work if your hair is down (just make sure it has volume and you have plenty of hairspray and a few extra clips)! If you're someone who wants to go a little crazy on the dance floor, or you're planning to be jumping around on your wedding day, a headband might be a better idea.


Headbands usually stretch around the whole width of the head, and are secured with bobby pins or tied at the back of the head. They're a bit more of a statement than a halo comb because they're usually more visible.

But fear not! If you're a more reserved bride, there are headbands out there for you. Something simple like a side headband (where the jewels are kept to one side of the headband and the rest is plain gold, silver etc) is more minimalistic while still being eye-catching and beautiful. Our Joy headband is exactly that! It still makes a statement, while not shouting too loudly!

We've got options for the bolder bride too! The Elina headband is a full headband, stretching all the way from one side of the head to the other. It's guaranteed to wow guests and your groom, and it adds creativity and glamour to a simplistic or understated wedding gown.

Our best thing about headbands? They stay secure the entire wedding day, so you don't need to worry about readjusting or having the headband fall off unexpectedly. They also work with all hairstyles, whether up or down, so you don't need to plan your hairstyle around this type of headpiece.

The beauty of both the comb and the headband is their versatility. You can choose a comb or headband based on the theme of your wedding, or even one that will pick up certain hues of your wedding colors. For example, the Bilhah halo comb below, is made in 14K gold, perfect to wear if one of your wedding colors is gold, or your bridal party will be wearing gold jewelry. The Serena comb is a perfect example of matching your comb to your theme. The Serena comb could mimic the look of snowflakes for a Winter wedding, or the pattern of climbing leaves for a forest wedding.

The other thing we love about both combs and headbands is that they are optional. You don't have to wear your comb or headband for the whole day, the choice is yours! If your ceremony is very formal, then opt for a headpiece that you can take out when you get to the more relaxed part of the day. On the other hand, if you want to surprise your guests when you walk into the reception, then pop your headband on during your photos and add some glam to the second part of your day. For that awe-inspiring effect, we suggest the double stranded Bella headband.

The choice between Halo combs and Headbands is a tricky one, but no matter what you choose, embracing these wedding hair trends can pretty much guarantee a timeless yet creative look.