In the lead up to the wedding day, the focus is often on the bride, but there are so many ways a groom can make a statement too. The biggest way? Through his choice of outfit. We highlight some of our favourite unique groom’s suits and outfit choices, and give you some straight up inspiration!

1. A full patterned suit: If you want to seriously stand out on your big day, go for a fully patterned suit, and pick something unique. We love this groom’s choice of red and black checks, there is no way you could confuse him with a wedding guest!
2. A half patterned suit: If you still like a touch of tradition, but also want to include some pizzazz, then opt for plain trousers and a bold blazer. We love how this groom, below centre, went for a crazy blazer and paired it with statement glasses and a matching bow tie and pocket square.
3. A bold, but muted colour choice: You can still step out in style as the groom, without choosing a crazy colour or pattern. The groom below right went for a whimsical suit colour, that’s still in the realm of tradition and doesn’t scream too loudly next to his bride.

4. A pop of colour: If a full suit of colour is a little too much, then go for something traditional, but add a creative twist with a patterned bow tie, like this groom, below left. Another great option? An embroidered patterned tie (below centre). So unique and clever, but still able to be paired with a more traditional suit.
5. Something totally unexpected: You can still rock a traditional suit, but pair it with something totally unexpected, like a neck bow or bolo tie, like the groom below right.

Groom’s don’t have to be sidelined on the big day, There are so many ways for you to express your own unique style in the way you dress.