Wearing false lashes on your wedding day? Here's what you need to know.

If you ask us, false lashes are perhaps the second best part about getting ready for your wedding day, apart from wearing your wedding dress, of course. The right pair can make a bride feel fabulous, without anyone else even knowing they're there!

Previously, a pair of falsies meant a dramatic glued-on strip that could slowly start to peel off as the day goes by (ouch!). But today there are several styles of false lashes to choose from, from subtle and romantic to sexy and dramatic, they'll stay in place till the night ends.

If you're erring on the side of caution for your wedding day, we suggest that you practice lash application a few times before the big day, or seek help from a cosmetologist. This way, you can guarantee the lashes will do what they're supposed to do, without giving you any moments of panic.

If you're doing them yourself, or you'd like to try them out at home before visiting a lash technician, then keep these tips in mind:

1.Get the right size. There's no one size fits all in false lashes. People have different eye shapes and sizes so the regular size may not fit your eyes well. After purchasing your lashes, hold them up to your real lashes and check the difference. In most cases, lashes need to be trimmed slightly. If the band extends beyond your natural lash line, make sure you trim the excess with a pair of sharp cosmetic scissors.

2.Prep your eyelids. If you have oily skin, the chances of your lashes falling off increases. This is mainly because oil breaks down eye lash glue, preventing fake lashes from holding tight for long periods of time. To prevent lashes from falling, use a primer for your eyelids just before lash application.

3.Individual lashes create the most natural look. It can be a little time consuming to apply them but practice makes perfect. Chances are you'll have someone else do your makeup, so they'll already know the tips and tricks of applying individual lashes perfectly. If you're purchasing your lashes yourself, make sure you go for a pack with 3 different lengths to make your lashes look more natural. The shortest will be applied to the inner corners, the longest in the outer corners and the middle-length lashes are for the center of your lash line.

4.Don't apply lashes too close to your lash line. They should be about one-eighth of an inch away from your lash line to prevent them from getting wet. If you're applying strip lashes, make sure you stretch your eyelid like you would while applying eyeliner and place the strip lash little away from your natural lash line.

5.Use tweezers. Your fingers may be too oily to press lashes into place so using a pair of tweezers can help. Simply press down on the falsies with the tweezers starting from the inner corners, moving outwards gently. Secure everything in place using a liquid liner.

6.Finish off with mascara. The trick is to apply mascara from the middle of your lashes, to the tips, without touching the lash line and the region where the falsies are stuck to your lids. This will prevent them from getting loose. Make sure you stick to waterproof oil-free mascara.

Your lashes are such an important and delicate part of your face, so make sure you keep these tips in mind when you're thinking of enhancing them! Otherwise, trust the professionals and visit a lash technician. Either way, false lashes are a great way to get a more dramatic affect on your wedding day!