Picking your wedding flowers often says a lot about you without you realising it. Brides are often drawn towards things that express their personalities for their wedding day, and flowers are no different.

Not sure which flowers are most like you? We’ll help you!

  1. The trend-setting, innovative bride: You aren’t concerned with sticking to the white flowers tradition, so you’ll probably end up going for something that breaks all the rules. Hot pinks, bright blues and splashes of orange are ideal for you, with a bright and bold bouquet that makes a statement (below left).
  2. The practical, calm bride: You know what to expect when planning a wedding and nothing stresses you out too much. You are calm, calculated and logical and this will show in your flower choice. The cool blue, purple and white tones are ideal for you (below right).

3. The fashion lover and trend follower: As a bride, you’ll want to pick all the latest trends that others might not appreciate or understand yet. Bouquets with texture, unusual shapes or a cascade are a great choice to make an impression! (below left)

4. The chilled, easygoing bride: You don’t take things too seriously, and your wedding isn’t any different. You’ll probably go for lots of greenery, combined with wildflowers and pops of white that is effortless and simple. Something like below right.

There are more personalities than these, but these are often the most common four. Make your day unique and focus on things that you love and your true personality will shine through!