Which veil is best for you? We break it down.

Some brides have always known that they'll be wearing a veil on their wedding day. Whether it's part of family...

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How to choose the right bridal hair accessory

There are so many options out there when you're looking at hair accessories for your big day. From veils, to...

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Wearing false lashes on your wedding day? Here's what you need to know.

If you ask us, false lashes are perhaps the second best part about getting ready for your wedding day, apart...

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Long versus short wedding dresses: What's best for you?

Short wedding dresses are starting to pop up here and there, and in this day and age, they aren't as...

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Wedding veil do's and dont's

Veils are often viewed as an old-school wedding accessory, but that's definitely not the case! Veils are one of those...

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